Theme Purity

A Purity Motherfucking Website

A Purity Motherfucking Website

For Hugo.

And it looks fucking perfect.

The Best Simple Hugo Theme

Inspired by Motherfucking Website and Better Motherfucking Website.

  • zero Javascript - all mermaid and KaTeX\KaTeX blocks are rendered statically
  • core styling CSS less than 500 lines
  • use the best fonts in the world
  • use 18px as the base font size

Less is More

Keep it simple. All those animations and annoying shadows should be buried at the bottom of the history trash heap.

Keep Structure Simple

Say fuck to those stupid complex structures that contain 2 rows and each row contains 4 columns and each column contains 2 rows and each row contains 2 columns and a global hamburger menu and probably a stupid auto-collapsing header navbar.

Make It Consistent

Give a heavy punch to those dumb designers who make the position of contents change from page to page because of those fucking stupid animations, especially the collapsible hamburger menu.

Do NOT Display The Damn Preview

And the Read More Button

Because really good articles SHOULD have attractive titles that make people click and read uncontrollably, rather than raping the readers’ eyes by cramming the content onto the page.

Do NOT Display All Your Article Content

Nobody wants to scroll down and down to find fucking one article worth to read and possibly it doesn’t even exist.

Unless The Contents Are Short Enough

Like those feeds, they are NOT articles, they are just feeds, that’s all.

Do NOT Use Paginator

What the hell reason you want to use a paginator? Don’t you have categories or tags to archive your posts?

The only fucking reason to use a paginator is for those multimedia websites with dynamic content, not for a static one.